How to Identify a Top Rated Detox Facility?

Taking the decision to leave your addiction behind can be challenging to begin with. It sometimes takes more than a few reasons to do so. But, once you are at that precipice, your journey towards recovery must be as smooth as possible. The detox facility you choose plays the most crucial role here. While there are an excess of options available right now, selecting the one on which your future life shall depend can sound like a daunting task.

Moreover, with the rising rate of substance and alcohol abuse, many organizations have come up that rely on misleading strategies and referral programs to keep the bank rolling. So, how do you find a facility that is actually effective?

As you look for rehab centres that can help, make sure that you talk with the providers and administrators at length about your condition, including their process towards it. Here are a few key questions that can help you with your decision.

Is the Detox Licenced or Accredited? 

Placing your trust on rehab is much easier when the facility has been accredited by The Joint Commission, The National Committee for Quality Assurance, or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. These are independent organizations that follow an unbiased protocol to base their standards as per industry norms. Licencing, on the other hand, is taken care of by the state departments. Depending on the location, the rules for getting a licence can vary significantly. To keep it safe, always ensure that the license held by the centre and its professionals falls within the ambit of your conditions.

Do They Offer Medically-Assisted Recovery? 

Medication has been known to ease the process of detox by mitigating the symptoms of withdrawal. It can also control the dependence on alcohol and drugs effectively. Always enquire whether the facility offers a medication program or is completely averse it. They should also have a 24-hour medical facility to address any unforeseen seizures or side effects as a result of the process.

Do They Have Any Levels of Care?

Before anything is said and done, the facility you choose should be aware of how to deal with different scenarios and levels of addiction. Whether it be the first time or a case of relapse, they should have various forms of in-patient and out-patient treatments outlined. Understand on what basis they usually suggest a model and if it is research as well as evidence-based.

What is Their Detox Success Rate?

No treatment centre can guarantee success. If the facility claims to have a 100% success rate, then they are probably lying to your face. Addiction being what it is; comes with no assurance of a cure.

A person who performed well within the centre can be exposed to a relapse outside its boundaries almost equally.  It would be best if you steered away from such sales promotions. Instead, find out how they measure the outcomes for their patients. Weigh the different parameters set for growth and ensure that real data backs their answers.

Does Insurance Cover Detox?

You don’t want to watch your life savings drain out while trying to get a new life. If the treatment centre is in-network with insurance providers, they are more likely to be legitimate. Ask the counsellor or admin to be absolutely clear about the costs and the part of it covered under your insurance policy.

Additionally, get in touch with your provider to understand and evaluate your options and length of coverage. In any case, if your insurance is not comprehensive enough, look for other modes like crowdfunding, social groups and debt financing.

What about Co-Occurring Disorders?

Addiction is more often than not coupled with underlying problems such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, etc. The facility you choose should be equipped with the right professionals and therapists to help get a complete diagnosis of your condition before starting any treatment.

They should also be aware of how the disorders are inter-dependent and conscious of the procedure to address them correctly through medication and counselling sessions.

Are There Any Specialized Programs and Groups?

Beware of the centres that use a “one-fit-for-all” approach. Addiction affects everyone differently, especially depending upon age, gender, sexuality and sometimes even occupations. Always enquire if the treatment offered is individualized and tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, the therapy sessions might require you to open up in front of strangers, finding peers who are in a similar ship as you can make the process much more comfortable.

Is the Staff Comprised of Trained Professionals?

Since there are multiple facets of addiction, a variety of experts are needed to pinpoint and solve a wide range of issues. Ask for a complete list of the staff on-board and intensively check if they are licensed under various laws. Segregate your requirements as per the medical disciplines that cover them and find out how the facility plans to assign individuals according to their needs.

You should essentially look for a medical doctor, nurse, psychiatrists, therapists and counsellors with requisite credentials.

What are the Rules for Family Involvement?

De-addiction is an uphill battle at times. You shouldn’t have to fight it alone. Plus, families suffer due to addiction too. A healthy involvement not only helps them come to terms with your recovery but, also find their space in helping you maintain it.

A great treatment facility shall have adequate education and sessions inculcated to keep you connected with the ones that matter the most. Enquire about the visitation timings and frequency of such visits that are scheduled by the centre.

Bottom Line

There can be a hundred questions that come to your mind during this time. Don’t be hesitant to ask any of them to the concerned authorities. Also, make sure to read the Google and Yelp reviews to find the feedback left by past patients and users.

Sometimes, the services offered by a facility can seem too good to be true. When you’re already stressed about the current situation, even a little piece of consolation can misguide you into entering a programme that is not suited to you.

Be very intentional about your requirements. Stack the guidelines mentioned above against the claims. We understand going through this process of selection can be harrowing, to say the least, but understanding the weight of your choice can help in getting to the other side.

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