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Introducing Arizona’s premier drug, alcohol and dual-diagnosis addiction treatment professionals. Committed to your enduring recovery success!

Scottsdale Recovery Center is peer owned and operated drug and alcohol treatment center in Scottsdale, Arizona.  We have extensive experience in the field of addiction and our understanding and commitment to each client’s individualized treatment process sets us apart from your traditional drug and alcohol rehabs. Our staff are more than just employees; we are a family of professionals whose passion and connection to those struggling with addiction promotes an atmosphere of love and support as you begin to heal from addiction.

Randy S Gelow II, MD
Randy S Gelow II, MD, Addictionologist

Dr. Gelow is the current Medical Director for Scottsdale Recovery Center. Originally born and raised in Michigan, Dr. Gelow received his Medical Doctorate (MD) degree from American University of the Caribbean. After getting a taste for the sun, and moving around the country a bit, he has found his way to Scottsdale, Arizona and completed his Residency at Scottsdale Healthcare (now HonorHealth) in Family Medicine. His motivation and varied interests in medicine show as he advocates for his patient’s health and success. Dr. Gelow’s knowledge is built upon his extensive experience in substance abuse addiction disorders as well as medications pertaining to addiction treatment and recovery. Dr. Gelow holds his DATA Waiver and has been with Scottsdale Recovery since October 2015.

Lee Yaiva
Lee Yaiva

Lee Yaiva brings a wealth of knowledge and 16 years of experience in behavioral health and addiction treatment to his role as Chief Executive Officer at Scottsdale Recovery. In addition to his clinical mind, he also brings a business savvy mind that prompts tactical risk and strategic solutions to the ever-changing trends in therapeutic interventions and delivery of service. Mr. Yaiva has served as the tribal liaison for numerous campaigns targeting culturally specific endeavors, incorporating a holistic approach to health and healing that is innate. Lee’s passion for people and respect for the recovery process is evident in his distinct style and meticulous order in acquisition of identified objectives. Lee’s commitment to empower utilizing a methodical approach to the reclamation of life is strategic and impactful. His individualized clinical objective is multi-tiered, a calculated technical advance applied through tactical precision to achieve full dimensional wellness. Lee’s mission is to create an opportunity of a lifetime for a lifetime of opportunities for all people.

Michelle Sproule, MSC, NCC, LPC

Michelle Sproule is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Arizona. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Arizona in 2006 and received a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from University of Phoenix in 2014. Michelle initially began her career working with adults who suffer from mental illness. Her path later led her to begin working with adolescents with dual diagnosis mental health and substance abuse concerns in nonprofit behavioral health before becoming a therapist at SRC in 2017. She is trained in various trauma modalities, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Brainspotting (BSP). Michelle is passionate about leadership and thrives on working collaboratively with leaders, clinicians, and clients to enhance motivation and drive for creating a new identity in recovery. She strives to live out the principles of the Four Agreements and challenges her peers, clients, family, and friends to do the same. Outside of her professional life, Michelle enjoys practicing yoga, reading, and listening to self-improvement podcasts.

Aymet - Associate Clinical Director
Aymet Demara, LASAC

Aymet is a Licensed Associate Substance Abuse Therapist Temporary (LASAC-T) in the state of Arizona. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Kansas Wesleyan University and a Master of Science in Addiction Counseling from Grand Canyon University. Initially she began a career working in a behavioral health clinic and transitioned to work in substance abuse treatment in 2019. Her family experiences helped create a passion to help those struggling with substance use disorders. Aymet has experience with running a MAT program and practices Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques with clients. She enjoys watching sports and being active such as outdoor activities. She also enjoys learning new approaches and therapy techniques to help the community to better herself and others.

Nathan Gossen
Brittni Sunbury, FNP
Brittni Sunbury, FNP
Shandel Chavez, LPN

After becoming a Nurse in 2016 Shandel began her career as a Correctional Nurse. It was at the Penitentiary where she discovered her passion for substance abuse and mental health disorders. Seeing how the system was broken and people with addiction were not given proper rehabilitation, Shandel decided it was time to move on to a place that specializes in those areas. It is her compassion, determination, and drive to help her community that makes Shandel perfect for Scottsdale Recovery Center. Each day Shandel gives her all into caring for her patients and makes each feel like they have a second chance at recovery, a second chance at life.

Cecilia Boccardi, LPN
Ida LaLuz, LPN
Ida LaLuz, LPN
Sasha Riner, BS, LPN
Amanda Parramore, LPN, Licensed Practical Nurse
Amanda Parramore, LPN
Denise Shoults, LPN, Licensed Practical Nurse
Denise Shoults, LPN
Lucas Pelka, RN
Lucas Pelka, RN

Luke earned his bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 2006 from University of Illinois. From there he went on to work in an Intensive Care Unit over the course of 4 years. He then transitioned to work at a Chicago inpatient psychiatric hospital where he developed a new passion for working with that patient population. He then seized an opportunity to work in an outpatient community health setting, which focused on helping patients with psychiatric illness maintain their independence and getting out of the cycle of repeated hospitalizations. His personal involvement in substance abuse recovery led him to SRC where he now functions not only as a nurse, but as another person with relatable life experiences that clients cite as inspiration for their own recovery. His professional interests include Medication Assisted Treatment, the role of holistic therapies in substance abuse treatment, and investigating emerging psychiatric medications.

Dana Roberto, RN
Dana Roberto, RN
Mary Wilson, RN
Mary Wilson, RN
Annie Quarles, MSN, RN
Annie Quarles, MSN, RN
Andrea Dermott, BBA
Andrea Dermott, BBA, PSS

Andrea was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She became part of the SRC family January 2019 after completing our treatment program in 2018. She understands the struggle of addiction and shows our clients firsthand that recovery is possible. She attended Northern Arizona University to study business management and has a strong passion for helping others. She has over 10 years of customer service experience and uses her Bachelor of Business Administration degree to support our front office operations. She enjoys playing golf, playing the piano and wake boarding in the summer. Her positivity and sunny disposition keep our clients and staff in high spirits whenever possible. She is passionate about her career and was our 2019 Employee of the Year.

Christina Freeman, PRSS, Director of Admissions
Christina Freeman, PSS

Christina moved to AZ in 1998 from California. She has been working in in the recovery community since 2017. She started in the accounting department and has now moved into admissions since she is passionate about helping others. Christina hopes that she can use her story to inspire those that are struggling with their addiction. She has overcome the hardship that came from being incarcerated and is a valuable member of the recovery community and has 11 years of sobriety.

Gilbert Hernandez
Libby Righi
Doris Beltran
Doris Beltran

Doris is an integral part of Scottsdale Recovery Center. She is very passionate about recovery and helping others.

Tia Scheel, Justice Coordinator
Tia Scheel, BA
Renee Scozzari
Scelina Espinoza, PSS, Clinical Program Manager
Scelina Espinoza, PSS
Rouchan Harris, Case Manager Supervisor
Rouchan Harris, PSS
Justin Bronson, PSS
Natalie Mitchell, PSS, Case Manager(1)
Natalie Mitchell, PSS
Suzanne Bishop, MS, Ed.S, Case Manager
Suzanne Bishop, MS, Ed.S
Jessica Cowan, BS
Jessica Cowan, BS
Alyssa Whetzel, MSW
Daniel Silvey, PSS
Daniel Silvey, PSS

I am originally from Washington State but have called Arizona my home for 42 years. I began working with individuals dealing with adversities due to substance abuse/co-occurring issues in 2005 after I myself went through treatment. I continue my education to make sure I provide the best assistance for the individuals I am helping and have successfully obtained the following certifications: Peer Support Specialist, Direct Support Professional, and Behavioral Health Technician.

Elizabeth Hartbarger
Elizabeth Hartbarger, PSS
Amy Samuel-Meda
Amy Samuel-Meda
Stephanie Goldstein, Group Facilitator
Stephanie Goldstein, PSS
Gene McCloskey
Gene McCloskey
Eric Beer
Eric Beer, PSS
Brent Bell, PSS
Chris Carabajal, PSS
Sunny Tahir, PSS
Ashley Horner, PSS, Lead BHT
Ashley Horner, PSS
Patrick La Grow, BSW
Patrick La Grow, PSS
Roberto Levario, MSW
Roberto Levario, MSW

Roberto received his Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation from the University of Arizona and Master of Social Work from Arizona State University. He has been counseling for 4 decades working in corrections and substance abuse. Roberto has been involved in individual, family, and couples therapy. He also has worked with challenging personalities and populations in high-risk situations. He found addiction to be the most complex and challenging. Roberto facilitates a unique blend of therapeutic interventions which include Existential, Experiential, and Neurobiological approaches. His most recent work has been in more fully understanding the addicted brain. He believes that when clients better understand the underpinnings of their addiction experience, the greater their chance of learning to interrupt the discomfort associated with addiction. This in turn will allow them to embrace the power to interrupt the cravings, providing them a greater chance of experiencing a fuller measure of freedom from addiction. Freedom is a significant reality that runs through Roberto’s work. His mantra is “I’m not here to help you, I’m here to free you, by leading you back to the freedom you have been distracted from since childhood.”

DeRoma - Formal
Brad DeRoma, LASAC
Kelly Gootee, BS, PSS - Therapist
Kelly Gootee, BS, PSS
Tiffany Tennail
Tiffany Tennail, LAC
Justice Bruner, MA, Medical Assistant
Justice Bruner, MA