How Medical Detox Works

Medical detox is a necessary step before a patient can successfully progress through the rest of the phases that recovery requires, but many don’t understand how medical detox works. Our medical staff focuses on rapid, yet comfortable substance abuse recovery, minimizing drug prescriptions and dosages, and focusing more on mental health and one-on-one counseling sessions with acclaimed addiction specialists.

At Scottsdale Integrated Detox, we have confidence in our community’s ability to preventing the spread of alcoholism and drug abuse. We are actively involved in contributing to addiction recovery treatment programs, events, and outreach initiatives here in Scottsdale, Arizona and its surrounding areas such as Phoenix and Paradise Valley. We have an in-house outreach team, who are responsible for researching new opportunities to raise awareness and educate the members of our community on the signs of depression, drug addiction, and alcoholic behaviors. We do our absolute best to prevent before we treat, but medical detox is the first step in helping a troubled addict find their ground again.

How Medical Detox Works

Upon checking in to our facility, each patient is given a careful and attentive evaluation of physical health, mental health, and substance abuse patterns and behaviors. This establishes a base for our doctors to customize a plan around, ensuring that each of our patients experiences minimal discomfort during their drug and alcohol detox. Patients are also engaged in counseling sessions designed to overcome physiological addiction and trauma. This approach has resulted in a much higher success rate than other US facilities, with more permanently recovered patients than any other treatment center in Arizona.

Services Offered for Detox

Medical detox – this is the primary method we use to ensure a safe and non-addictive treatment during the initial phase of recovery. Each patient is carefully evaluated, then prescribed the most precise amount of medication needed in order to ease suffering from withdrawal symptoms. This cleanse will better allow the patient to focus on their mental health and work through the underlying causes of their addictive behavior.

Holistic treatment – all underlying causes of addiction must be treated in order for a successful recovery and long-term sobriety. Holistic substance abuse treatments focus on the mental well being of patients and have been shown to increase the effectiveness of overall recovery efforts. Patients are able to establish a sense of mental balance through yoga, exercise therapy, spiritual therapy, and massage therapy. These non-medical treatments help our patients identify the issues that encourage their substance abuse, which could include anxiety, depression, and/or traumatic episodes from their past. Patients in recovery use holistic treatments as a means to really focus on their own thought process, enabling them to better communicate their thoughts and feelings during therapy.

We have employed experts in various holistic recovery practices, who collaborate with medical staff to communicate progress and the need for additional counseling or medical intervention.

Follow-up services

Our very own Scottsdale Integrated Detox medical staff has helped create one of the best follow up protocols in the country. Our belief lies in establishing a trusting bond with each new patient, and viewing follow-ups as one of the most crucial pillars in establishing long-term drug and alcohol dependence recovery demonstrates our sense of commitment. Prior to check out, each patient is assessed to make sure they are fit to be discharged. Then, a follow-up visit is scheduled to touch base and document any changes in behavior that would warrant a visit back to our facility.

Our team of professionals

Scottsdale Integrated Detox is staffed with highly trained professionals, from doctors to nurses, to psychiatrists, to nutrition specialists. Each plays a different yet vital role in helping our patients through the addiction recovery process. Our team has the passion, experience, and professionalism required to help addicts recover and refrain from their behavior in the quest to achieve sobriety. If you have more questions about how medical detox works, we’re here for you. 


If you or someone you know needs help with addiction or is ready for detox, contact 1-602-346-9143 or email [email protected] to get the help you need.