Lee Yaiva

Lee Yaiva brings a wealth of knowledge and 16 years of experience in behavioral health and addiction treatment to his role as Chief Executive Officer at Scottsdale Recovery. In addition to his clinical mind, he also brings a business savvy mind that prompts tactical risk and strategic solutions to the ever-changing trends in therapeutic interventions and delivery of service. Mr. Yaiva has served as the tribal liaison for numerous campaigns targeting culturally specific endeavors, incorporating a holistic approach to health and healing that is innate. Lee’s passion for people and respect for the recovery process is evident in his distinct style and meticulous order in acquisition of identified objectives. Lee’s commitment to empower utilizing a methodical approach to the reclamation of life is strategic and impactful. His individualized clinical objective is multi-tiered, a calculated technical advance applied through tactical precision to achieve full dimensional wellness. Lee’s mission is to create an opportunity of a lifetime for a lifetime of opportunities for all people.

If you or someone you know needs help with addiction or is ready for detox, contact 1-602-346-9143 or email [email protected] to get the help you need.