Fighting the Fear of Detox

Addiction is an extremely hard thing to deal with. People don’t just want to fall in addiction, it’s something that happens over time. What we often see is people experiment, continue to use, and then get addicted. By the time they figure out that they’re addicted, they may have developed a seemingly almost unbreakable habit. When a person reaches this stage of substance abuse, it’s hard to get out without asking for help. Unfortunately, many of these addicts refuse to ask for help. Why is this? Because it’s they have of fear of admitting defeat. We’re here to tell you there is nothing to fear in detox. If you have decided it’s time to get help for your dependency, but are struggling with fear of the detox/recovery process, continue reading! This blog will help you realize there is nothing to be afraid of and only good things can come from asking for help.

Fear #1 – Withdrawal

Why do addicts fail to seek help for their substance abuse? The answer to this question can vary greatly, each addict struggles with different fears. However, some of these fears are quite common for many struggling addicts. One common fear that holds them back from seeking the help they need is fear of withdrawal and physical discomfort. When someone develops an addiction, they usually develop it because they like the feeling of being numb. Addicts like the feeling of being care-free and worry-free, the last thing they’d want to do is create any unnecessary discomfort from withdrawal. This fear can be enough to keep someone from seeking help for their addiction. Withdrawal can result in headaches, nausea, sickness, and in more serious cases, seizures. The physical discomfort can be unbearable for people going through detox. It’s the bodies way of saying “What is going on? Why am I not numb yet? We need to feel numb again!” Your body starts a war with itself and it will try its hardest to get you to seek refuge in the usual chemical sanctuary.

Though this process can be physically taxing, it’s worth it. It’s a process that can’t be done alone; people in recovery need professional help or some sort of accountability partner. This way, the addict won’t give in to any unhealthy desires. It’s easy for an addict to find reasons why they shouldn’t get treatment in Arizona, but that doesn’t mean those reasons are right. People say detox is one of the hardest things they’ve done, but they’ve also said they’re happy that they went through it.

Fear #2 – Change

One fear that not only addicts but most people in the world struggle with is change. Humans like the feeling of comfort, staying inside the box. Very little people actually enjoy going outside of their comfort zone. In the same way, addicts have continually lived a drug-induced, booze-filled life and that might be their comfort zone. Even though most people may see this as a warped sense of reality, addicts find comfort in a reality such as this. When the idea of a routine substance being taken away is introduced, it can easily turn an addict off to the idea of detoxing. How will they feel numb? What will give them comfort? How will they act without the substance? Will I lose friends if I do this? Questions like these are (more than likely) asked by most people considering a detox.

The main thing to know when thinking about detox is that things will change, your life will not be the same as it used to. You are starting a whole new life and that may mean you lose some old friends, but make new ones. You’ll kick old habits but develop new ones. The important thing to do is take it one day at a time and don’t be afraid to make changes.

Fear #3 – Losing A Coping Mechanism

When is struggling with addiction, chances are they developed the habit to suppress any physical or emotional ailments they’re dealing with. They treat it like a medicine that heals any sort of pain they may have. This can develop into a nasty habit where the person may resort to substance use whenever he/she feels the slightest bit of discomfort (emotional or physical). Through this fear, it’s easy to see why many addicts do not want to ask for help. Without their substance, how will they cope with their pain?

It’s easy for an addict to rule out detox as a possibility with this fear in mind, but what they may not know is that Scottsdale rehab centers knows how to help a person learn new coping mechanisms. A person can learn new ways of coping with their pain through therapy and other forms of treatment. It’s almost liberating when you’re able to develop a healthier way to deal with your physical and emotional pain. Rehab facilities offer plenty of options for coping mechanisms, it’s up to the patient to decide what works best for them! Each treatment option is tailored specifically to a patient’s substance abuse history. This allows each patient to find a unique way to handle their triggers and continue living a substance-free life.

It’s easy to see why an addict would have a hard time asking for help in fighting their addictions. Once you have these fears in mind, it’s no wonder they refuse to change. The important thing for an addict to do is to overcome these fears. Then, and only then, will they be able to live a successful sober life. Freedom from fear is the only way! Face the fear of detox head-on and change your life today.

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